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Commitment to excellence


Manayuh began in the year 2013, under the comradeship of young organizational and clinical psychologists of Manayuh consulting academy for Transformational and Positive Psychology, a pan-Indian professional organization, shaping the field of psychology in India.

A group of experimental psychologists determined to bring positive changes in the educational institutions and organizations to build a robust nation. Thus, with the aspirations to make a difference, team Manayuh went back to educational institutions and Organizations/Industries to gain acquaintance and proficiency to exercise this profession and bring about the change anticipated. In addition to providing solutions to organizational and institutional complications, Manayuh is comprehensively involved in advocacy work, collaborating with government offices, community organizations, and non-profit organizations.


Corporate Citizenship – An impact on community

Corporate Citizenship drives quantifiable transformation in our communities, encourages our activities as communal leaders, and inspires great pride in knowing that what we do best—applying our skills and experience—accelerates positive, social impact. We drive impact through our national concerns: education, working with disadvantagedand through pro bono. We also work beside the many other social impact programs and projects within Manayuh.


Caring for trees and the environment is the social responsibility of every individual. Tree planting provides a variety of environmental benefits such as protecting water quality and quantity, reducing soil erosion, cleaning our air and providing wildlife habitat. It is a great way to help confiscate carbon emissions. Planting takes place in school locations and other biodiversity sites.

Manayuh Generous program (MGP)

Manayuh Generous Program is a member giving program through which team Manayuh raise economic support for local under-resourced communities.

A focus on education

Through EduRoot™, Manayuh’s strategy to improve school/college readiness across India, we are pledging time, talent, and resources to benefit depreciated students prepare for and continue through school and college, then transition to a career.

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