Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The mission of EAP is to contribute towards the total health of employees in order to have a productive and satisfied workforce. This is accomplished in a two-fold manner:

1) Through confidential counselling offered to employees whose job performance is (or has the potential to be) adversely affected by personal or work-related stress.

2) Through timely group sessions focusing on wellness programme delivered in the worksite.

We recognize most human problems can be successfully treated, especially when identified early and where referral is made to an appropriate source of help. This is true whether the problem is one of physical, emotional, marital or family distress, legal or financial problems, alcoholism or other addictions, or issues related to harassment. As a result, we have designed an employee Assistance Program to help the employee experiencing personal problems which may affect job performance.

We believe EAP can benefit everyone. The employees obtain help with problems that can/are affecting work, family and their well-being. The employer benefits by retaining employees with valuable skills and knowledge. We encourage early use of the program as we believe this can contribute to the prevention of serious problems for the individual employee, family and employer.

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