Industrial/Organizational Consultation

Industrial and Organizational (I/O) psychology is about improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and well-being of people at work. I/O psychology knowledge, theory and interventions may be at an individual, group, or organizational level. Their impact is at these levels and also at a societal level, through the overall impact of improved well-being and enhanced productivity (Cronshaw, 1988; Jamieson & Paterson, 1993).

Concurrently (I/O) Psychology has been focused on the study of quality of work life (QWL) balance issues that many organizations are trying to better understand. More recently, Industrial Organization Psychology has expanded its research and influence into performance management, employee testing and assessment, workplace safety, diversity themes, effective communication - conflict resolution and sustainable development - environmental impacts.

Over the past 20 years, organizations have begun to recognize the destructive impact that work-related trauma has on their employees.

Assessment & Selection

  • Job descriptions analysis/ Job evaluation
  • Interviewing
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement
  • Assessment centre
  • Psychometrics/ Psychological assessment


  • Motivation
  • Performance management
  • Personal development/ coaching/ career development
  • Training and development
  • Debriefing/ feedback
  • Stress management/ counselling
  • Team building
  • Organizational structure, culture and Development
  • Organizational Development / change management
  • Conflict resolution/ facilitation

Strategic / External Relations Management

  • Leadership
  • Succession
  • Client liaison/ support
  • Business development/ proposals/ marketing
  • Strategic HR/ HR policy development
  • Employment relations
  • Surveys/ questionnaires
  • Research/ evaluation
  • Management (staff, budget)
  • Report writing
  • Policy development and program review
  • Ethics and Compliance

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