Legal consultancy

Manayuh represents clients who encounter legal issues with their ecological community. We fight for your rights when the workplace or legal dispute arises. We are continually focused on our clients' requirements. We endeavor for an individual approach to cases, meeting with our clients frequently and remaining available as often as we can.

Legal Consultancy Offerings

Employment law consultancy – We offer professional services in respect of employment and dismissal regulations, full consultancy for the employee and the employer, contracts of employment, employers’ procedures, resolving disputes between employees and employers etc.

Business and law consultancy – We offer professional consultancy services on company management i.e. creating legal strategies & structures for companies, resolving disputes between shareholders etc.

General law consultancy – Preparation and drafting briefs, verifying contracts (e.g. contract of employment, contract for sale, services, delivery, distribution, building services as well as consultancy in cases of products being fit for purpose or breach of contract issues).

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