Parenting workshops in Schools

Bringing schools and parents together improves academic and social success for children, which is why we developed our successful workshops that are endorsed by schools and nurseries. Our workshops cover a variety of topics of interest to all parents and take place within the familiar environment of the school community.

With the skills and strategies learned during the workshops, parents can help children grow in confidence and resilience. We show parents how to get children to cooperate more, to communicate more, to try new things and to persevere – as well as how to do well academically and socially. Parents learn how to support children in academic, artistic and sporting endeavors - without placing undue pressure on the children.

See below for our list of workshops. This is not a complete list as we are developing new topics all the time.

  • Bringing out the best in your children
  • Progressive discipline, finding the balance
  • How to listen? So, kids will talk
  • How to talk? So, children will listen
  • Staying calm, being positive
  • Concerns of grades, studies, and coursework
  • Nurturing harmony between siblings
  • Raising confident children
  • Helping children deal with lives knocks
  • Developing happy, creative and motivated learners
  • Connecting with your daughter - the power of words
  • The Emotional Intelligence edge

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