Teaching workshops

Teaching workshops focus on practical, concrete strategies for common teaching tasks, challenges, and opportunities. These sessions draw on research-based best practices from the literature on teaching and learning and help participants consider ways to apply those best practices in their teaching. Teaching Workshops are typically a mix of presentation, large group discussion, small group activities, and times for individual reflection.

Our workshops offer tools and techniques that educators can implement to help students develop their creative, collaborative, artistic, and writing skills, as well as out-of-the-box thinking, self-confidence, leadership, and respect for peers. Our experiential exercises are concentrated in the following areas:

See below for our list of workshops. This is not a complete list as we are developing new topics all the time.

  • Overcome the fear of Creativity
  • Course Roadmap Making
  • Team Work
  • Sketch thinking
  • Storyboarding/Storytelling
  • Shifting Perceptions
  • Utilization of Your Environment
  • Time management
  • Self-Nurturing
  • Professional Development for Teachers

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